Since 1971 Birthchoice has been seeing women who are most vulnerable and at risk for abortion. Birthchoice cares for and accepts women where they are at. Our client advocates meet with the women who come to us in a quiet, loving, respectful environment.

As research began to show that somewhere between 70 to 80 percent of women who are most at risk of having an abortion, after viewing an ultrasound of their child, choose to have their babies, it became important for us to make a change.

To become more effective in caring for women and their unborn children Birthchoice became a Pregnancy Medical Center in 2006 offering limited ultrasounds under the direction and supervision of a medical director.

Last year alone we had over 1100 client visits, 874 ultrasounds performed and 78 percent of our most vulnerable women chose life!

“It’s amazing every time I get to see the life of an unborn child on the ultrasound screen and the look of wonder in the mother as she realizes that her child is alive, heart beating, moving, a complete individual.”

~Jeanne, volunteer consultant.



Birthchoice will offer help, hope and education to any pregnant woman. We believe it is the right of every child to be born. We seek to empower the woman to make an informed decision.


Birthchoice Pregnancy Medical Center’s express desire is to spread the good news of life to the community. We reach out to women who are most at risk for abortion and offer compassionate realistic alternatives to them. We provide free services that include pregnancy testing and limited obstetrical ultrasounds. We strive to be an active presence in our community. We do our best to offer our clients stability in their lives by giving them opportunities to raise and nurture their families.


Mona Saul, Interim CEO

After a couple of years of praying at an abortion clinic on Saturday mornings, I felt called to do something more. So, one morning I walked around the corner to Birthchoice and met with Betty Rogosich. That was in 2008 I began volunteering in the office and within a year I was counseling women each Friday at Birthchoice.

As Birthchoice has continued to grow, I have been able to share my entrepreneurial experience. Over the years my husband and I have owned and operated several start up companies. This experience came in handy with our recent move to our new location. After the move I was asked to join the staff full-time as an office manager. With the recent sale of our business of 15 years I was able to accept this position. I have found volunteering and now working full-time with Birthchoice to be both a challenge and privilege.


Lyn Seale, Director of Client Services

I began my journey at Birthchoice in 1977 in the midst of an active family life – even as we were welcoming my twin sons into the world, I felt a need to contribute to my community. My search led me to Birthchoice as a telephone counselor.

As the culture of abortion and access to abortion grew in Raleigh, it became apparent that the addition of a brick and mortar pregnancy center was needed. A small prayer group of five, began the process of seeking God’s will, which painstakingly led to the founding of the Pregnancy Life Care Center. My responsibilities there included Board Vice President, President, Client Services Director and Counselor.

Subsequent years were devoted to family and the special needs of a son with autism. During these years I completed a certification in Family Mediation through the Academy of Family Mediators. Many of the skills learned in mediation have served well in serving Birthchoice clients. In addition, the life experiences of having an autistic child, the unexpected arrival of twin boys, and the devastating experience of miscarriage have also contributed to my understanding of the struggles that many of these women face.

After many years my journey came full circle when I was asked to return to Birthchoice as the Client Services Director. Returning to Birthchoice was an answer to many prayers. The past years of service at Birthchoice have been a gift and an honor.


Bobbie Logan RN, Nurse Manager

I began my nursing career working with mothers as soon as I graduated from nursing school in 1975 and In 1986 I became a nurse practitioner in women’s health. After I moved to the Raleigh area in 1999, I heard about the Birthchoice organization and began to volunteer as a phone counselor.  Shortly after Birthchoice became a medical clinic, I was asked to go for training as a sonographer and then became the nurse manager. As nurse manager I train and oversee our medical staff in conjunction with our medical director, Dr. Windsor Holt. I feel the ultrasound pictures of the babies, in all stages of development, help to educate women and men about the beginning of life, and thus, to respect life.  Together my faith, my adopted son, and my nursing experience have all given me a heart for the mothers and their unborn children that we serve at here at Birthchoice.


Board of Directors

Steve Macko, Chairman

Timothy Thelen, Secretary

Reverend Anthony DeCandia, Chaplin

Beverly Pajerski, Treasurer

Monty Buchannan

Susan Leach

Kristine Schaefer

Jackie Tyner

John D’Amelio, Vice Chairman

Dr. Windsor Holt, Medical Director

Mona Saul, Interim Chief Executive Officer