We knew that moving near the abortion facility would be a blessing for the women seeking abortions. The blessing came on the first day we opened our doors! A “rescue”! We call it a “rescue” when a sidewalk advocate, praying outside the abortion clinic, tells a woman going in that there is help and hope just around the corner at Birthchoice.

Our first “rescue”, Jane, had been happy to be pregnant and looked forward to a future with the father of her baby. She panicked when she discovered that her boyfriend was married and told her he would not be there for her.

Jane didn’t want to abort her baby….no woman really wants that.

When she called the abortion clinic to make her appointment for the abortion the day before, she was given information about the 2-day process of a second trimester abortion procedure. The abortuary would take Jane’s last $1200 in exchange for her baby’s life and her very soul. The baby she carried was 19 weeks!

As she was walking toward the abortuary that morning, a sidewalk advocate reached out and invited her to visit Birthchoice. She told him how scared and desperate she felt as they walked across the parking lot to real help.

Jane didn’t want to abort her baby….no woman really wants that. Our consultant sat with Jane for an hour to hear her story and offer resources. Our sonographer then showed Jane her baby on the ultrasound screen and we all watched as the baby rolled over and seemed to look right at us. The baby was hiccuping and sucking his thumb! Seeing her baby on the ultrasound screen was the blessing for affirming her decision to have her baby.

Jane has been back for another ultrasound and we are staying in touch. In addition, assistance is being provided by Gabriel Project. We are all surrounding her with prayer, support, love, and the resources she needs to make a good start with her baby. She is now a different, confident, young woman from when we saw her that first day, expressing her gratitude for our presence when she needed us.

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