Gabriel Project 

Helping Mother and Baby

“The loveliest masterpiece of the heart of God is the heart of a mother.”

~ St. Therese of Lisieux


The Gabriel Project offers support to Birthchoice clients by mentoring moms before and after their child is born. They help find housing, furniture, clothing, and baby items. They also offer assistance in negotiating with Social services, job training, babysitting, transportation, moving, and occasional rent deposits. Spiritual direction is provided and Baptism arrangements can be made.


Project Rachel

God’s greatest desire is to forgive

Many of the women who are seeking help at Birthchoice have had a previous abortion and are suffering. As a result Birthchoice recognized the need to establish a post-abortion ministry to help serve our client better. In 1995 Project Rachel became a local affiliate. Women, men and families who are suffering the devastating effects of participation in abortion are offered spiritual and psychological help to find forgiveness and reconciliation with God, family members and their aborted children. Private counseling sessions, support groups and weekend healing retreats are offered throughout the year to assist individuals striving to renew lives shattered by abortion.


Family Honor

familyHonorIn the 25 years since Family Honor, Inc. was established, the organization has grown to fill the many needs expressed by parents, decision-makers in faith communities, adolescents, young adults, and many other adults who want to do something positive in their own community. In addition to family-centered programming and a college-level course for those who are interested in becoming chastity presenters, we also are now able to offer a wider variety of educational resources than ever before.

Our mission is to respect all life — at any age, in any circumstance. This means that we are profoundly committed not only to the unborn, but also to their mothers.


Catholic Parish Outreach

cpo-smallAs an expression of Catholic social teachings, the mission of Catholic Parish Outreach is to serve the needy families and individuals of our community by providing supplemental food and young children’s clothing.

Clients are referred to CPO by human service agencies, churches, medical providers, and school counselors who see first hand those who struggle in our community. Clients can receive groceries for their family, clothing (children’s up to age 4 & maternity), and baby items, at most once every 30 days.